Yva Neal

Mossome Medicine

April 2022

Yva Neal’s work that spans from several art series over the years. Using Nature as a medium, she recreated vignettes that can stand alone or combined for a larger landscape. Mossome Medicine explores the need for green space in our environments both externally and internally for physical and mental health.


Mossome Medicine is a collection of works that explore our connection with nature and how it affects our psyche through interaction. Using natural materials as a medium, she invites the viewer to elevate plants to their divine nature. In this digital world, we find ourselves “ungrounded”. These pieces help trigger body memory of being out in nature thus literally grounding us. Yva Neal (b.1973, England) is a “creative radiator” and one of Chicago’s leading green installation artists. Yva attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her 20-year career in product design, visual retail design and landscape design realizes a dense and multi-disciplined skill set. She has had a studio at the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago’s Bridgeport Neighborhood for the past twelve years. Her work has been included in various group exhibitions nationally at Zhou B Art Center in Chicago, Art Basel: Miami, Telluride, CO, and on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Neal’s current focus includes creating awareness through interaction, stems from her forays into studying plant medicine, mycology, and motherhood.