How can we create Space for Empathy through art?


Space For Empathy

Exhibition Date: November 17, 2023 – December 07, 2023
Opening Reception: 7pm Friday, Nov 17, 2023
Location: OH Art Gallery, 3rd floor at Zhou B Art Center (1029 W. 35th st)

Space for Empathy explores the deeply intentional act of creating art that enables and encourages room for empathy. Empathy grants a broader view of the lives and experiences of others, encouraging understanding and influencing how we view our own identities in relation to society at large. While imparting empathy may not solve all of our issues around self identity, expressions of emotion, and the complexity of language and social practice, it does grant space to bridge a connection between both the self and the other. By creating these spaces for reflection through these works of art, we allow for the possibility of empathy through our shared and independent lived experiences and its ability to shape our considerations for the future.

This exhibition features paintings, sculptures, photo and interactive installations by seven current MFA students of Korean descent at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Each artist seeks to dive deeper into the ways in which we interpret language, meaning, time, and space, while considering how we might evolve. Their works speak to a conscientious vision of the future that moves us closer toward the idea of a shared humanity fueled by empathy. In awakening passing moments in time, the emotions left behind in the limitations of verbal language, and the materiality of the work, the artists illuminate the depth and diversity of the human condition, opening interpretation and understanding for the viewer.

Participating Artists
Elizabeth Yoo-Lae Cho
Su Kaiden Cho
Kim, Jung Soo
Yukyeom Kim
Lee Eul
Eunjin Lee
Sang Woo Yoo

Curated by Gemma Kim


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