Wild vibrance in appearance.
A group exhibition celebrating colors and textures.

07/15/22 – 09/09/2022

New works by Pat Marek, Dave Krzeminski
Sarah Hartman and Rayos Magos. The exhibition opens July 15th and continues through September 9th 2022.

Pat Marek
A Polish American artist, currently residing and working in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago. Pat studied Sculpture and Painting at Northern Illinois University and has been working as a freelance artist for over 10 years. His most recent series focuses on the death of friend and collaborator, Jeff (alias Gordin Bones). Left without direction, the work attempts to continue the project. The collaboration has grown into a spontaneous process using overlapping patterns and compulsive compositions in a ritualistic fashion. These almost inarticulable arrangements attempt to hide a theme or message meant to engage the viewer, inviting them to delve in for information.

Sarah Beth Hartman
A multimedia Chicago-based artist working with sound and fiber. She views weaving a manifestation of music, and music as a form of tapestry. After earning her B.A. at Illinois Wesleyan University & Sarah Lawrence College, Hartman was greatly inspired by the intersections between her studies biology, music, and art. Self-taught in music production, Hartman fell in love with weaving as another manifestation of the same process, which she views as parallel to music composition/engineering. Creating both music and fiber art feel intricately linked and gives her deeper connection to each individually. While the themes of her work often draw from the sciences, Hartman employs musical harmony and texture to define her choices of color and material, playing “rhythms” with her stitches. She prefers to weave in silence, connecting to melody, rhythm, and tonal color that conjure in her mind while creating with her hands. Hartman releases music under the alias R34L.

David Krzeminski
A Chicago artist with an educational background in graphic design. David’s work is a collection of drawings, paintings, and screen prints that are started with a simple set of compositional rules, but are created with random abstract lines and shapes. These free-form abstract pieces are a reflection of the chaos within ourselves, our world, or our universe. But are also meant to remind us that even chaos can be traced back to basic patterns or laws.

Rayos Magos
A Latinx/Chicano mixed-media artist born and raised in San Jose, CA. Rayos is inspired by culture, people, identity, and the roles we play in society. Rayos’ body of work focuses on symbolism, healing, spirituality, psychology, and social justice, especially his printmaking work. With a background in Psychology and Expressive Arts Therapy, Rayos explores personal narrative and universal themes. Rayos unifies his interests in mixed media, collage, printmaking, and painting to represent imagery that captures the human experience.


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