OH Art Olena Prysiazhniuk

Olena Prysiazhniuk

First Solo Exhibition with OH Art Foundation

November 2021

When she arrived in Chicago for the first time, she was impressed by the Canyons of buildings on Michigan
Avenue. she was deeply impressed with how architecture comes to life with every move of the sun rails
and how the city develops its mood color at a different time of the day. She fell in love with every single
alley and massive industrial building. She instantly started making a plein-air to capture the beauty of the

Through her art, she was looking for a connection with the place and people; she was having conversations just
using the art tools a primary language. Art provokes people for discussion and interaction. It gives a
chance for everyone to be heard and seen.

Cities are constantly filled with new modern structures, which start a unique story and dialog every
time. Everything that an architect wanted to say to the world he put into his project, and through her
art, she decrypts their language through shape, color, and space.