Join OH Art Foundation in celebrating APA Heritage Month this May! On the evening of Friday, May 17th and Sunday afternoon, May 19th. We’ll host our 2nd Annual APA Heritage Festival of the Arts with stunning performances, music, and an opening reception for our visual art exhibition. 

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10 Performances and Community Workshops

May 17th, 7pm- 10pm Friday

A Light Sleeper – Instrumental art punk, Hyunchae Kim – Korean traditional music,

Yin He DanceChinese Dance, Tamir Hargana – Mongolian and Tuvan Music 

Angela Tam  –  Chinese contemporary Dance, Bass Dreams Minus B – Tatsu Aoki’s rock band

May 19th, 1pm- 3pm Sunday

Tsukasa TaikoJapanese drumming, Spirit of LifeInJung Oh’s community art workshop

Meher Dance Indian dance workshop, Ritsu Katsumata – Electric violinist combines elements

of anime classical and pop, Jeff Chan/Ausberto Acevedo/Suwan Choi – New Music by Asian American

22 Selected Visual Artists 

Magdalena Arguelles, Nemo Chen, Clarice Blanche Hu, Elizabeth Joo, Jung Soo Kim, Kyungja Kim, Diane Lee, Seonyoung Lee, Sheryl Ann Noday, InJung Oh, Hyelin Park,         Ji Hyun Ra, Yue Ren, Jen Roche, Christine M. Schröder, Jihye Shin, Stafford Hiroshi Smith, Jonathan B. Taala, Sitong 尹思桐 Yin, HeeKyung Yoo, Sangwoo Yoo, Sabrina Zhao 

Video above: OH Art Foundation celebrate 1st APA Heritage Festival of the Arts at Zhou B Art Center in May 2023

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