Artist/Curator Incubation is an initiative in response to the reputation the fine arts have as elitist and exclusive to diverse perspectives. To enact long-term change, the incubation program offers support to both artists and curators. Currently our artists incubation focuses on supporting female BIPOC artists by addressing the challenges faced by women and offering comprehensive care to empower them. We also offer curatorial opportunities to new, emerging and/or under-represented curators, as they are the people who will influence the art the public sees.




“Back To the Scene” is an artist incubation program aimed at providing support and opportunities for underrepresented female artists of BIPOC who have been distanced from the art scene due to various reasons such as family moves, immigration, raising families or other personal obligations.

Our focus is on selecting talented artists with a strong foundation and offering them a range of services including but not limited to consultation, creating a supportive artist community, and providing exhibition opportunities offline and online to bring them back to the art scene. Our goal is to empower these artists and help them re-establish their place in the art world, while promoting diversity and inclusivity within the industry.



“Welcome To the Scene” is a curator incubation program designed to support new, emerging curators by providing a platform to bring their visionary ideas to life. We believe in the power of curatorial innovation and its potential to shape the artistic landscape. Our program aims to empower emerging curators by offering them an opportunity to curate their own exhibitions, gain practical experience, and establish a foothold in the art world.

Are you a curator eager to make your mark on the art scene? Do you have a passion for showcasing creative and thought-provoking exhibitions? Whether you have recently graduated or have a few curated shows under your belt, we invite you to join us recreating the art scene.

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