OH Art Foundation celebrates the Hispanic Heritage Month with

Date: Sept 15, 2023 – Oct 13, 2023
Opening Reception: 7pm Friday, Sept 15
Location: OH Art Gallery (3rd floor at Zhou B Art Center)

More than once, the question “where are you from?” gets asked. How do you unroll that question and give it the proper response?  Our “from” is saturated in the American story. We resonate with the cultural rhythms of the diasporas since first contact.

The exhibition features Northwest Indiana artists Gary TRAZ Juarez and Ismael ISH Muhammad Nieves. They are part of the Crazy Indiana Style Artist (CISA) art collective. In 2016, the collective (crew) was recognized as the first LatinX art collective in the state of Indiana. The works on display are the current pulse in their individual quests of connecting the cultural dots.

Gary “TRAZ” Juarez has been enamored with manipulating oxidized metal as a medium for his art. In this exhibition, he shares his American Indian Movement (AIM) series. Through experimentation, he has found an oxidation process that aligns with his indigenous, revolutionary, and spiritual path  – Salt, Water and Time.

Ismael “ISH” Muhammad Nieves’ work is best described as post-graffiti abstracts. In this exhibition, he reflects on memories and customs from New York City, Puerto Rico, and Northwest Indiana.

Join us for the music performance by

Trío de Ruido

Friday, September 15th 7:30-8:30
Moon Gate Hall(1st floor at Zhou B Art Center)

Chicago based musicians Felipe Tobar(violin), Charles Malavé(guitar), and Ausberto Acevedo(contrabass) met as members of a jobbing gig over a decade ago. Soon after, they were tapped to be a part of the country rock band, Al Scorch and the Country Soul Ensemble. In addition, they have played with various co-conspirators throughout Chicago, including Mucca Pazza, Le Percolateur, Keefe Jackson, and Dan Bitney. Having known each other for the better part of a decade these three musicians decided to begin exploring a more free and improvisational side to their playing and formed a quartet with percussionist Nick Álvarez. Soon after the pandemic put a halt to their ability to continue playing. These three then collaborated with NYC based drummer Jeremy Carlstedt and recorded December Meetings. This on again off again group of musicians continue to play as time allows. They will present their latest incarnation, Trío de Ruido, a drummerless version of the quartet. Combining rock, classical, jazz, and minimalist elements, Trío de Ruido’s sound can be at once dulcet and aggressive, husky and soothing, chaotic and tonal.



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