Celebrating Black History Month

February 2023

Celebrating Black history month,  Oh Art Foundation presents 2 visual artists – (Afrodavinci, Southside ArtisAAn) at Volossom gallery on 3rd floor and 2 music performers (Ed Wilkerson and Ben LaMar ) on 1st floor at Zhou B Art Center 1029 W 35th Chicago

Ben LaMar Gay is an interdisciplinary composer who moves sound, color, and space components through folkloric filters producing brilliant electro-acoustic collages. An explorer of many mediums who has been called a “visionary ” by the New York Times ,Gay has found a form of creative expression that begins with improvisation and expands beyond the limits of any single genre. A worldwide performer, Gay’s creative projects are embraced by communities in , Brazil, Italy, France, Japan, Nigeria, Poland, Rwanda, Cuba, and more. He is adopting global visions while remaining true to his roots as a South-Side native of Chicago.

Edward Wilkerson is one of the great saxophone and clarinet players on the Chicago scene, Wilkerson from the 1980s into the new millennium may have become best known as a bandleader and composer, particularly associated with medium- to large-scale projects (somewhat daunting in an era when creative music bandleaders are challenged to keep even small ensembles together). He has also been a major presence in Chicago’s Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM), teaching composition at the organization’s music school and serving for a time as AACM president.

Thank you Department of Cultural Affairs, Special Events Illinois Arts Council Agency, Oh Art, and Zhou B Art Center for supporting our Living Artist program