OH Art Foundation is currently located in Chicago at the Zhou B Art Center. The mission of OH Art Foundation is to strengthen Chicago communities through art education and exhibition programs rooted in a multi-cultural, inclusive vision for the fine arts.


“OH” signifies “Open Horizons” by opening up different creative horizons to many community members through the language of art. We strive to connect and empower artists, students, and neighbors by offering diverse and accessible programs. OH Art Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and supports both practicing artists and young students in our community.


We currently offer free community events, weekly small group programs for youth, and monthly exhibitions as part of our Living Artist Program.

Our Promise

OH Art Foundation is strongly committed to welcoming all individuals to cultivate a community of diversity, acceptance, and strength. We think it is incredibly important for children and youth to be exposed to the vibrance of visual arts and culture at an early age; likewise, it is important for local studio artists to engage with communities that surround them. Because of that, we have developed a program that allows us to exhibit and celebrate practicing artists while concurrently inspiring youth to flourish artistically and emotionally.


Community Events

Education Programs

Private Events