OH ART camp- only available for Summer


- Local Summer Camp

Weekly Summer Camp will be available during summer 2018  

Date & Time- August 13- 17th: 9am- 3pm

Location-  Zhou B Art Center (indoor activity) Private Garden (outdoor activity)

Age- 1st Grade - 6th Grade (Full day 9am- 3pm, Half day 9am - 12pm)

Program- Students will explore and learn through both individual and collaborative projects with creative mediums; movement, 2D, 3D project, and more. (All creative materials included, Bring your own bag of lunch)

Tuition: $400/week (Mon - Fri: 9am- 3pm) $250/week (Mon- Fri: 9am- 12:15pm)

Registration starts April 2018

 Limited Spots available contact Director for the detail information/ injungoh@gmail.com 773-569- 8582



- International Summer Camp

Collaborate with the international schools or organizations to offer “Cultural Experience in America through Art.”

Contact us with more details - info@ohartfoundation.org     Director/ InJung Oh - injungoh@gmail.com 






主管: InJung Oh injungoh@gmail.com