OH Art Foundation Community Event 


Quarterly public community art programs that epitomize with an annual student art exhibition is scheduled in 2018. 


August 17, 2018  - Community hands on art activity with the artist exhibition (Artist TBA) @ OH Art Foundation, Zhou B Art Center

December 14, 2018 -  ANNUAL OH ART EXHIBITION DECEMBER 14, 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Location: Zhou B Art Center 

April 20th, 2018 - 7pm- 8:30pm "Thousand Wish Project" Community workshop where viewers can express their wish inspired by the artist using various art mediums. Artist InJung Oh

Location: Zhou B Art Center 3rd floor @OH Art Foundatio, 1029 w 35th st Chicago IL 60609

Fee: All materials provided. There is no fees.

arch 16, 2018  - "Emergence" produced by Volossom

"Emergence," a multimedia show presented on the March 3rd Friday, produced by InJung Oh and Volossom Studio, and curated by Jenny Chen.

Painting by: InJung Oh
Dancer: Nadine Lollino
Musician: Bob Garrett
Projection artist: Eddie Yang

EMERGENCE is about the moment of coming to life. Whether it’s a cicada’s metamorphosis after decades of waiting, or the split second when lightning strikes from a rumbling thunderstorm, it is that moment of sublimation that sets off this collaboration between the artists here, to together put up a multidimensional show to celebrate the birth of the new art space VOLOSSOM.

The artists featured in this exhibition are of a diverse range of disciplines, each contributing to the show with their own interpretation of the moment of emergence: painting, performance, sound, interactive video installation, etc.. It is a comprehensive collection aimed to expose the various instances and forms of life’s beauty; some works are lasting and always on view, such as Oh’s painting that recorded the exact moment ink hits the canvas, while some works are fleeting or responsive, and can only be experienced in real time. Such is the beauty of emergence.

Annual OH Art Student Exhibition with the selected work by 9 participating students on December, 22, 2017.