OH Art with Chicago Public School

Starting fall 2019, with the generous support from private donors, OH Art Foundation is planning to provide a high quality art program to chicago public school. Our goal is to provide high quality art program to the need based student and find the talents in them to further assist them. 

Change start with One Student!  One School at a time!


Custom Workshops

Check out the descriptions below to learn about our custom group youth workshops. We run these custom workshops for groups and organizations in the Chicago area who would like to collaborate and learn from Oh Art Foundation teaching artist. High quality programs using creative mediums, which covers combinations of various artists, art terms, art styles, art mediums, and the concepts with the clear learning message. The courses listed below are just examples of many different types of classes available to your group. Please contact us at info@ohartfoundation.org to learn about pricing and scheduling for your group today!

Workshop Examples

Program: Artist inspired 

Target: Age 6 (Grade 1) - 17

Course Description: Student will learn about the combinations of various artists, art terms, art styles, art mediums, and the concepts. 


Program: Multi Media Art Book Making

Target: Preschool & Kindergarten, Age 3-5

Course Description: Student’s creations will manifest into lively book forms, telling fabulous tales of imagination through visual arts.


Program: Sculpting & Crafting with re-purposed/found objects

Target: Age 12-17

Course Description: In this class, students will learn the infinite value of transforming old into new, rebirth through art making. We will discuss concepts, sculpting, building and sustainable art.


Program: Mural Making

Target: Children aged 6 (Grade 1st) -11

Course Description: In this class, students will learn about mural making. They will collaborate to design and execute a mural painting together.


Most of the Programs for 6 sessions and more can combined extra session to put the art works togehter into "My Artist Book"