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Give a creative “bounce” to your life with OH Art!  

OH Art Foundation is located in Chicago at Zhou B Art Center, and dedicated to hands-on educational opportunities in arts and culture. OH signifies “Open Horizons” by opening up different creative horizons to students’ lives through the language of art. Instead of focusing solely on techniques, OH Art strives to enable students to actively use art as a language to connect with and express themselves. Our Visual Language programs are conducted in small group settings to give the students a more intimate and higher quality learning experience. We offer monthly free community art workshops inspired by the living artist with 3rd Friday openings at Zhou B Art Center. OH Art Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and supports the quarterly community art programs that epitomize with an annual student art exhibition in December. 



OH艺术基金会位于芝加哥的周氏兄弟艺术中心内,并致力于创造艺术文化领域的动手学习机会。OH寓意着“Open Horizons(打开视野)”,即通过艺术语言,打开学生生活中的创意视野。相比于传统的只针对绘画技术的艺术课程,OH艺术更重视开发学生主动运用艺术作为联系自我和情感表达的语言的能力。大多数课程设置都是小组教学,以给学生提供一种亲切的空间感和高质量的学习体验。OH艺术基金会是一个支持季度性社区艺术项目的非营利机构,并于每年12月举办学生艺术展览。


Contact us - info@ohartfoundation.org


Open your Horizon and give a Creative Bounce to your life through ART - InJung Oh

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