Crochet Painting inspired by Yvette Smith on November 16th 7- 8:30pm

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Crochet Painting inspired by Yvette Smith on November 16th 7- 8:30pm


November 16, 2018 at 7pm -8:30pm  Please show up 5-10 min to sign the forms and use the restroom prior to the class Please respect the volunteers, parents should pick up promptly after 8:30pm ALL STUDENTS must leave by 8:45pm.

Artist: Yvette Smith, MFA 97, University of Chicago
Duration: 90 mins/workshop + art film/discussion
Workshop: 14 online tickets and 6 walk in (Register ticket on our site to secure your spot)
Open to: 1st grade to 8th grade

About Artist:

Yvette Kaiser Smith was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1958. She moved with family to the United States in 1969, making Chicago her home since 1991. A full-time artist since receiving an MFA in sculpture in 1994 from University of Chicago, Yvette has exhibited extensively at regional museums, art centers, and university galleries throughout the United States and various spaces abroad. Yvette creates wall-based geometric abstractions by inventing systems for visualizing values of numbers, specifically of sequences from the numbers pi and e, by utilizing grids and repetition of simple geometric shapes. Majority of Yvette’s past works are crocheted fiberglass constructions. In 2016 Yvette was introduced to a laser cutter and began a new body of laser-cut acrylic work in which simple geometric shapes, panel placement, and spacing of cut-outs plot numerical values.

Crochet Painting Creative crochet painting workshop design by OH Art to pair with Yvette Kaiser Smith’s solo exhibition. Students will create an art piece using crochet techniques. Students will create their own 2D 9” x 12” crochet painting to bring home.

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