Community Creative Workshop inspired by the Living Artists

OH Art designs and offers community art workshops for children and youth allowing them to connect with and be inspired by living local artists. Using art as a means of communication, the students will learn various art making techniques and create their own visual language to express themselves. 

This is a monthly program, on the 3rd Fridays of the months at OH Art Foundation, a 501c3 non profit, located inside Zhou B Art center (3rd floor). Classes will be in two groups, and run an hour and half between 7- 8:30pm. Opens to 2nd grade~8th grade in 2018.

Students must be able to attend the program without parents’ presence, and we strongly suggest bathroom use prior to the class. Parents must drop off the students 5-10 mins before the workshop begins and sign the waivers.

Spots available for the program are limited. Register for FREE to secure your children spot through each monthly links below. Please register ONLY if the students are going to participate.

Location: Zhou B Art Center, 3rd Floor, OH Art Foundation, 1029 W 35th St, Chicago, Illinois 60609


Schedule for September program on 9/21:
Workshop: 7-8:30pm, 
Artist discussion/ parents pick up: 8:30-9pm, 
ALL STUDENTS must leave by 9pm.

Teaching artist: InJung Oh, MFA 09, SAIC Fellowship award recipient
Duration: 45 mins/workshop + art film/discussion
Workshop 1: 8 participants, Workshop 2: 8 participants
Open to: 2nd grade to 6th grade

Class Activity: Volossom- wish flower seed
Volossom/wish flower seed is an art making activity using felt. Students will have an open discussion about their wishes and how to grow their seeds into a wish flower. Students will bring their wish flower seed home.