(one spot) 2019 Spring semester 4:20-5:40pm, Friday5yrs- 1st Grade


(one spot) 2019 Spring semester 4:20-5:40pm, Friday5yrs- 1st Grade


Date & Time: February 8th – May 24th 2019, Friday 4:20-5:40pm
Duration: 15-16 weeks sessions including one make up class at the end of the semester
Location: Zhou B Art Center 3 rd Floor
Student: 5yr - 1st Grade
Level: Beginner to Intermediate level
Program: 80min small group lesson with 6 students max per class. The program will cover specific country themes of the semester (TBA). The program will lead the students to explore different country’s culture through visual language projects, while merging individual student’s interest. We guide students to better express their stories with visual language using various materials; color pencils, watercolors, soft and solid pastels, acrylics, and many more. Program will include design, drawing, painting, and collaboration. All materials included. 18” x 24” sketchbook and 18” x 24” watercolor papers for the paint projects.
Materials: All creative materials included

Payment Plan available: 1. email us at info@ohartfoundaiton.org 2. We will follow up with you shortly with the details.

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